Augusta F150R PRO


cutting plotter

Pendulum working X 1600- Y 2050- Z 150 mm
X 3050- Y 2050- Z 150 mm
*Pendulum double working area
Z axes independent Up to 3 independent units
Power supply Tree-phase 380/400 50 Hz
Tool change Up to 13 positions + 12 positions (configurable)
Working area X 2050 – Y 1600 – Z 150 mm
X 3050 – Y 2050 – Z 150 mm
X 4500- Y 2050- Z 150 mm
X 7600- Y 2050- Z 150 mm
X 9770 – Y 2100 – Z 150 mm
X 11380 – Y 2100 – Z 150 mm
X 15400 – Y 2100 – Z 150 mm
materiale lavorabile pelle


materiale lavorabile gomma


materiale lavorabile carta/cartone


materiale lavorabile PVC


materiale lavorabile poliuretano espanso

Polyurethane foam



materiale lavorabile guarnizione


materiale lavorabile PTFE


materiale lavorabile policarbonato


materiale lavorabile legno



Foam rubber








Solid surface





The supporting structure consists
of a monolithic base in thick steel, well ribbed and especially rigid. All components are rebored on high precision numerical control units that guarantee stability and quality over time.


The double motorization on the gantry structure (c-d), with correction and
synchronization digital on the displacement of the beam, ensures the perfect
balancing and the maximum precision in every working.

Supporting feet

The stability of the base is ensured by 12 adjustable feet up a maximum of 24 positions.


The precise and fast positioning of the mobile portal (X axis) and of the operating units (Y axis) is realized with a pinion and rack with tilted teeth that ensure the precise positioning of the operator unit along the Z axis.


The prismatic guides equipped with 30mm section (a) and high precision racks with inclined helical teeth (b) guarantee the movement of axes.

SD-Italy - Augusta F150R - Precisione stabilita

Power and speed with a unique modularity The three independent units are managed by axes controlled individually and digitally, in order to get the maximum
performance and precision of the single units.

Brevetto SD

AFT Power Group

The new power of the group AFT Power (vibrated or fixed knife cutting
managed directly from the CN) combined with the high flexibility of automatic tool
change allows to manage heights and types of different material without
any waste of time. In addition to the management of blades / cords and
heads you have the chance to switch from the fixed to the vibrated cutting with a simple “click”.

SD patent

SD-Italy - Augusta F150 - Gruppo AFT

AFL Group

Circular blade group with management of rotary axis “C” and automatic positioning
of 45° inclined cuts, with a simple and intuititive programming. An algorithm of last generation manages the best performance of the unit creating cuts at very high speed up to 50 mt / min. (maximum speed depending on the adopted CE system and processed materials). Possibility to sharpen the blade unit in automatic (optional). The Brushless motor guarantees speed
and blade rotation, thanks to advanced and automatic programming systems.

SD patent

SD-Italy - Augusta F150 - Gruppo AFL

Customized configuration

3 units available to create the special machine according to each single work requirement thanks to multi-function units and to the activities of the tool change (standard on Line “R”).

SD-Italy - Augusta F150 - Gruppo FP


The Super electrospindle group Power 8 kW with HSK 40 connection provides the maximum of performance combining power and high speed until 36.000 rpm.
Thanks to the HSK 40 connection and to the use of ceramic bearings
excellent stability of tools and a very high quality of the finished
product are achieved. The positioning of the unit is done by recirculating screw
of balls with brushless motor and support with prismatic guide of strong section.

SD-Italy - Augusta F150 - Elettromandrino
SD-Italy - Utensili


SD-Italy - Utensili


SD-Italy - Utensili


SD-Italy - Augusta F150 - Utensile



  • Aeronautics
  • Furnishing
  • Automotive
  • Industrial gaskets
  • Naval sector
  • Packaging
  • Leather and fabric
  • Polymeric materials

The first automatic tool change that completely reduces the setting time. Thanks to the automatic tool change, times of setting and errors in the processing of orders are reduced.

Tool change 25 positions

First system in the digital sector with the contemporaneity of the two tool changes for one complete machine tooling: 14 tools per unit “milling machine electrospindle” HSK 40 of which 8 fixed tool change and 6 rapid. 11 tools for AFT units, knife / cord cutting and 45° fixed-vibrato, cut unit ISO 10 connection of which 5 fixed tool change and 6 rapid.

SD-Italy - Augusta F150R - Cambio utensile
SD-Italy - Augusta F150R - Cambio utensile

FTW Worktop
Flexyble Table Worktop

The worktop is highly flexible and configurable with different panels, using supports or suction cups to ensure the best blocking of the material to be
processed. The multi-function plan consists of 6 intelligent standard zones up to 24 optional independent vacuum zones, selectable from CN.

SD-Italy - Augusta F150R - Piano di lavoro

Mechanical marks of worktop

All mechanical marks are designed to guarantee the maximum flexibility and precision in positioning of the materials on the worktop.

SD-Italy - Augusta F150R - Riferimento meccanico

Electro-spindle group

The “R” Line uses the unit of liquid cooling, ensuring high performance in continuous use of processings also in those of thick materials: plexiglass, mdf, wood, aluminum, solid surface and many others.

SD-Italy - Augusta F150 - Raffreddamento

PC with new interface designed and
developed by SD for a simple, effective and accessible programming even to those unfamiliar with the computer.

Positioning system with laser

The laser allows you to create a virtual
reference within the worktop, creating a preset off-set to facilitate the placement of the material to be processed.

SD-Italy_Augusta-F50 - Software
SD-Italy - Augusta F150R - Software

Video camera with marks detection

Thanks to the high-camera system resolution it is possible to detect the marks in very short times and automatically adapt the cutting phase in compliance with shares generated by self-learning. Reading and automatic correction of any deformation
with automatic cutting correction.

SD-Italy - Augusta F150R - Software

Video projection system

The new video projection system allows an optimal recovery of processing waste. It also ensures an easy visualization of the shapes to be processed.

SD-Italy - Augusta F150 - Software
SD-Italy - Augusta F150 - Software

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