Automatic cutting plotter for your business!

Our range of plotters covers a vast variety of application sectors, from aeronautics to furniture, from automotive to packaging and guarantees the processing of multiple types of materials including leather, rubber, paper/cardboard, wood, PVC, 3D and polyurethane foam. Each plotter stands out for its speed, reliability, innovation and for the selection of top quality and precision components.



The new F150R PRO cutting plotter features the possibility of tool change up to 25 positions which allows incredible modularity and speed. The four independent units are managed by individually and digitally controlled axes. A step forward in terms of innovation and precision of use.

Sd-Italy-Cutting plotter-F150R-PRO
Sd-Italy-cutting plotter-F50R-PRO


The new F50R PRO automatic cutting plotter by SD introduces maximum flexibility in the management of the cutters, thanks to the brand new tool changer the customer has the possibility to manage the entire cutter compartment completely automatically. This increases production efficiency and eliminates the possibility of operator error. Up to 13 tools can be changed for maximum freedom of use.


The new Augusta F1R2 PRO digital die-cutter is based on a brand new concept of modularity and backward compatibility, which is expressed in the possibility of configuring the most suitable solution for current manufacturing processes and of evolving the machine based on future needs. It will therefore be possible to implement and update the composition of the machine by dividing the investment over time and adapting one’s needs in the development of one’s business.

Sd-Italy-cutting plotter-F1R2-PRO

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