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Customer need

An important customer located in Melbourne, Australia, leader in the industry for the production of panels for caravans, has commissioned us an automatic loading and unloading system for a panels coating line of big dimensions.


  • Automatic loading and unloading and panel overturning
    with automatic process.

  • Loading system with electro-hydraulic lifting platform with
    step movement according to the thickness of the panel with
    automatic pusher.

  • Pusher also equipped with a suction cup pick-up device for the
    loading of thin panels.

  • 180 ° tilting system with suction cups to prepare the panel for
    the covering of the lower part.

  • Machine management by plc with latest generation user friendly
    touch screen keyboards for the management of machine
    parameters and functions.

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SD_Sistema di movimentazione pannelli Caravans_soluzione


The plant was designed by our technical department, which, together with the software department, developed the technical solution for the operation and management of the complete line.

Benefit and Results

The system allows you to automate the panel coating process, eliminating labor costs related to the loading and unloading of the material. This solution allows to handle panels of large weights and dimensions while ensuring the necessary speed for the optimal operation of the production line

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Fabrizio Greco | Sales Director – Handling Systems

Fabrizio Greco | Sales Director

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