About us

About us

SD-Italy is a well-established company in the technical / mechanical sector specialized in two production lines:

  • cutting plotters and machining centers
  • integrated handling systems

Our company works for a wide range of application sectors, from aerospace to furniture, from automotive to packaging and much more, and guarantees the processing of various types of materials including leather, rubber, paper / cardboard, wood , PVC, 3D and polyurethane foam, thanks to the wide versatility of our machines.
Each SD-Italy product stands out on the reference markets for speed, innovation and for the rigorous selection of top quality and high precision components.

SD-Italy - Company
SD-Italy - Company

Mission and design philosophy

Our machines, manufactured with reliable and robust mechanical structures, facilitate all types of processing, thanks also to the provision of intuitive and advanced software.
The rigorous selection of top quality and high precision components makes SD-Italy machinery a real must for the technical / mechanical industry.

Advanced technology

We are constantly engaged in the research and development of new technologies, and we always aim to continuously improve the quality of our products. This led to the creation of new patents and certifications signed SD-Italy.

SD-Italy - Patents
SD-Italy - Company

Customer service

Our production lines are integrated with activities and technical support services. The company proves to be a partner always ready to reach every customer for maintenance and technical assistance. Thanks to the new customer service department, we provide a competent and reliable after-sales service in terms of technical assistance and spare parts, guaranteeing continuity to your production cycle.
Today it is a very important prerogative to always know how to respond to everyone’s needs, even in the most challenging conditions.