Genyus Plus


Loader/ Unloader

Sd-Italy - Handling system - Genyus plus
Max length 3200 (4200 – 5600) mm
Min length 300 mm
Max length composition 3000 (4200 – 5600) mm
Max width 1300 mm
Min width 200 mm
Max weight per cycle 250 (350 – 500 – 700) Kg
Max thickness 150 mm
Min thickness 10 mm
Sd-Italy - Handling System - Panel
Max height from the ground 1850 mm
Min height from the ground 250 mm
Max working height 1600 mm
Working cadence Loader 15-16 cycles/1’
with mechanical separation device
Unloader 15-16 cycles/1’
Sd-Italy - Handling system - Stack

“Genyus Plus” bridge loader/unloaders is made of a very sturdy double-beam structure with double vertical column, which makes it particularly suitable for the movement of masses considerable heavy in several product sectors. It is a performing machine thanks to its precision mechanics and the use of Brushless motors, and it is then suitable for the automation of high-productivity lines.

Sd-Italy - Genyus Plus - Frame_01

Suction air pads

Sd-Italy - Genyus Plus - Frame_03

Selfcentering clamping frame

Sd-Italy - Genyus Plus - Frame_02



Genyus Faster

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