Customer need

The customer Abriso/Jiffy, a Belgian company, which produces material for protective packaging and insulating materials, has commissioned us an automation system for the automatic loading and unloading of a new calibration and sanding line of sheets of extruded expanded polystyrene xps.


  • Loading and unloading of XPS sheets with automatic process

  • Electronically controlled motorized x and z axis bridge

  • Feeding and stacking systems

  • Compressed air gripper functioning

  • Command management by plc


The system was designed by our technical department which together with the software department developed the solution for the functioning and management of the system which provide, in addition to the automatic loading and unloading of sheets, also the ground handling of material stacks before and after processing.

Benefits and results

This system allows to automate the calibration and sanding process of polystyrene sheets, eliminating labor costs related to loading and unloading of material. The automation of this automatic line allows, moreover, to have a constant production rhythm during work shifts, allowing production planning in a certain period of time.


A consultant at your service

Fabrizio Greco | Sales Director – Handling department

Fabrizio Greco | Sales Director

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