Customer need

The customer, leader in the production of interior doors, has commissioned us an automatic loading and unloading system for a sizing and edge banding doors line.


  • Automatic loading and unloading of doors with an automated process

  • Electronically controlled x and z axes of the bridge, motorized with brushless motors to increase performance and positioning precision of the axes

  • Transmission of x and z axes with high precision pinion and rack with sliding on linear guides with recirculating ball runners

  • Gripping and depositing systems with special anti-stain and anti-halo suction cups

  • Doors stacks/heaps height 2400 for space optimization during the loading of the doors on the transport trucks and therefore a greater rationalization of the costs of trasporting goods

  • Machine management by plc


The plant was designed by our technical department which, together with the software department, developed the technical solution for the operation and management of the line.

Benefits and results

The system allows to automate the doors sizing and edge banding process, eliminating labor costs related to loading and unloading of material. The automation of this line also allows to have a constant production rate during work shifts, allowing production planning in a given period of time.

Thanks to the increased height of the doors stacks/heaps, a greater rationalization of the cost of transporting the good is achieved.


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Fabrizio Greco | Sales Director – Handling department

Fabrizio Greco | Sales Director

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