Loader/ Unloader

Sd-Italy - Handling System - Portal
Max length 3200 (4200) mm
Min length 300 mm
Max length composition 3000 (4200) mm
Max width 1300 mm
Min width 200 mm
Max weight per cycle 200 Kg
Max thickness 60 mm
Min thickness 10 mm
Sd-Italy - Handling System - Panel
Max height from the ground 1850 (4200) mm
Min height from the ground 250 mm
Max working height 1600 (4200) mm
Working cadence Loader 7-8 cycles/1’
Unloader 8-9 cycles/1’
Sd-Italy - Handling system - Stack

“Portal” bridge loader/unloader is charactised by high versatility of use and by capacity to move masses considerably heavy. The possibility to install withdrawing or deposit vacuum-cups, self-centring grippers, suction pads devices, makes Portal particularly suitable for automation of several production lines in several product sectors.

Sd-Italy- Portal - Frame_01

Vacuum cups frame with pneumatic separation device

Sd-Italy - Portal - Frame_03

Suction air pads

Sd-Italy - Portal - Frame_02


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