Special PLEXYGLASS, cutting and special processing

Customized creation of dividers or displays in Plexiglass with rounded corners at 180°

Thanks to the new Sabatini and the transition 4.0, aimed at material goods connected to industry 4.0, today you can save up to 60% by purchasing an SD cutting plotter and interconnecting it to inFactory. By implementing inFactory in your company, you will be able to concentrate the data within a visualization dashboard that will allow you to have a view of each single interconnected machine.


PLEXIGLASS BENCH DIVIDER: 8 mm plexiglass with double processing and use of dedicated tools


FREESTANDING DISPLAY IN PLEXIGLASS: 8 mm plexiglass with downward polishing and rounded corners


180° SMOOTHED CORNERS: 10 mm plexiglass with suspended processing for the creation of rounded corners at 180 °


Today SD-Italy is throughout Italy with a team of experts ready to answer your questions and discover together which system is best suited to your type of business, material to cut and tool to use.

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