Cutting solutions for the paper goods sector

In the paper industry, the processing of materials (such as folders, rounded business cards, greeting cards, self-adhesive labels, counter displays, cases, boxes customized in shape and style), is performed by our cutting plotters with unparalleled precision.

Our F50R Pro and F1R² cutting plotters, thanks to the advanced software, starting from the print file, will perform cutting, half-cutting, creasing and perforation; the software developed by our SD technicians will automatically drive the Cutter for the machining you require with a considerable saving of time. Accurate precision is ensured by the camera with very high resolution mark detection with which it is possible to detect the marks in a very short time and automatically adapt the cutting phase.

The double motorization on the gantry structure, with correction and digital synchronization on the movement of the beam, ensures perfect balance and maximum precision; in addition, the prismatic guides with recirculating spheres, combined with high precision racks with helical inclined teeth, guarantee the movement of the axes with precision and speed.

Discover our line of cutting plotters dedicated to the paper goods sector.

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