New Tools and Spare parts List

In order to implement the company supports dedicated to our Customers, we have created a new tools and spare parts list signed SD-Italy. This support was created with the aim of emphasizing and making all our tools, tool holders and components compatible with our range of cutting plotters easily available, ensuring certified accessories that are able to meet the widest standards in terms of efficiency and perfection.

In order to create a revolutionary and intuitive tools and spare parts list, we have inserted in the catalog informative QR Codes that will allow you to better understand the use of SD certified tools and all the sections of our catalog dedicated to you.


Choose your processes!

The “Choose your processes” section,  present in the price list, has been designed to facilitate the research of the tools that best suits your needs, thanks to the selection of the material to be processed.

Certified cutters

The section of the catalog dedicated to the SD certified cutters will allow you to have at your disposal all the technical specifications related to each cutter, such as type of cut and materials that can be processed.

Blades for all types

In SD we take care of the creation of a wide range of high quality blades, and it is for this reason that we created a section of the catalog to make the selection of the most suitable one simple and immediate.


The section of the catalog entirely dedicated to creasers is aimed at supporting you in the choice of the various processes to be performed, such as: paper, cardboard, corrugated foam and many others.


The section of the catalog entirely dedicated to SD accessories and spare parts, has been created with the aim of satisfying your every need or requirement; for each one you will find the code to communicate to your reference operator who will be able to advise and supply you in the shortest possible time.

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