Augusta F1R-2

Cutting Plotter with loading and unloading fully automatic 

Speed X 60 Y 60  – mm
Operating Units “Z” Axes pneumatics with 3 independent units  / Creasing / Cutting / Half Cutting/Nib Operations / Milling
Power supply Tree-phase 220V single phase 50 HZ
Tool change Manual
Working Area X 1020 – Y 720 – Z 5 mm
materiale lavorabile gomma


materiale lavorabile carta/cartone


materiale lavorabile poliuretano espanso

Polyurethane Foam



materiale lavorabile guarnizione



Foam rubber

materiale lavorabile pelle




materiale lavorabile policarbonato


materiale lavorabile PVC


The R line evolves with the new F1Rautomatic cutting plotter for the creation of folders, self-adhesive labels, counter displays, cases, customized boxes and much more. The exceptional working speed of the R series is the result of an innovative control technology, an advanced drive system and the use of SD certified tools.


The tools are optimally synchronized to perform the cutting, the half cutting and the creasing in an easy and quick way. Thanks also to the incorporated SD loading and unloading system,  F1R2  is positioned in the paper processing market as the ideal partner for precision workings on thin supports, such as  adhesives and cardboards.

Fully automated process

The cutting plotter is fully automatic and starting from the print the F1R2 will perform the cut, the half cut and the crease with precision, you can be sure to speed up the entire production process by reducing the loading and unloading time of the material. In addition, with the 3 automated tools system you will have a unique product for every type of manufacture in the paper industry.

Maximum flatness

The aluminum worktop with countersunk micro-holes and a new uniform vacuum distribution system ensures maximum flatness and high stability of the material to be processed.

Standard equipment of worktop

  • intelligent automatic suction worktop
  • piece passage 5 mm
  • perfectly ground plane in relation to the wagon
    “z” of the operating unit
  • homogeneous vacuum distribution system in each
    single area of the floor
  • working area X 1020 mm –  Y720 mm

The prismatic guides with recirculating balls (a) combined with high precision racks with inclined helical teeth (b) guarantee handling of the axes with precision and speed.

Video camera with marks detection

Thanks to the high-camera system resolution it is possible to detect the marks in very short times and automatically adapt the cutting phase in compliance with shares generated by self-learning.
Reading and automatic correction of any deformation with automatic cutting correction.


The double motorization on the gantry structure (c-d), with correction e digital synchronization on the displacement of the beam, ensures perfect balancing and maximum precision in every working.


The anchorage of the “Y” cart issupported by a prismatic guide and
by two considerable pads that guarantee its precision over time.

Operating units

The configuration of the operating groups includes a head (plate) with the possibility of housing 3 slots or units with extremely fast, precise and robust pneumatic adjustment, which allows to perform creasing, cutting, milling, half cut and nib operations.   


Cutting unit with drag knife automatically managed by numerical control (CN) with:

1) driving axis for sheet grammage up to 200 grams
2) tangential axis for grammage from 250 grams to 400 grams
3) tangential axis with fixed/vibrated mode


Group of your choice, it is possible to house only one of these units chosen by the customer:

1) 500 watt – 100.000 rpm electrospindle unit**
2) Half cut group*
3) Nib group*

C – Creasing

Creasing group with tangential axis automatically managed by numerical control (CN).

*Note 1 – if the half cut and nib units are selected, the customer can change the units on slot “B” in complete autonomy

**Nota 2 – if the machine is configured with the electrospindle unit, it is no longer possible to use  slot B for the nib – half cut configurations.

21 inch touch screen monitor

Latest generation personal computer with I3 processors and solid state memory installed on the machine.

Axes movement

Movement operations (X-Y-Z) and its interpolation  are managed through an extreme precise industrial CN.

Operational commands

The new mobile console with Windows 10 operating system, simple and intuitive user interface consists of main and immediate operator commands:

  • parking area
  • printing registration abilitation
  • axis manual movement
  • axis speed movement
  • suction cup with 2 zones
    automatic selection
  • selection of automatic or manual cycle
  • automated positioning for material loading
  • automatic reset of the processing
    after down event
  • lists with 5 programs with decrease counter

PC with new interface designed and developed by SD for a simple, effective and accessible programming even to those unfamiliar with the computer.

SD – Packaging

SD Automator provides a wide range of tools that speed up and automate the day-to day jobs of structural designers, graphic designers, diemakers and sales people involved in the creation, communication, production of packaging and displays. It versatile modular structure lets you configure the packaging software to your own needs.

The SD Automator Library of resizable packaging standards has accumulated over  1.500 parametric designs for folding carton, corrugated board, grey board and PVC.

The CAD / CAM software is integrated with Adobe® Illustrator® helping professionals visualize the 3D model of the packaging with the product inside and apply graphics to the structure. With the new Step and Repeat over the layout directly in Illustrator® designers can generate production files with high resolution images. The new F1R2 with SD Automator optimizes every aspect of the packaging design and preproduction workflows.

SD – Automator

Programming of all operating units. Cad cam with management and importation of many types of files. Nesting with optimizations of cuts and creasing. Preview of the workings to be performed on cuts, half-cuts and creasing.


Choosing inFactory Suite for the new F1R2 you will have access to the tax credit recognized for investments in technologically advanced capital goods (annex A, law n. 232 of  December 11th, 2016).Indeed, thanks to the inFactory system your SD cutting plotter will respect the technical characteristics (5 mandatory and 2 optional requirements) such as to include it in the lists provided by the law n.232 of  December 11th, 2016 (and subsequent revisions).

The tax credit can only be used in compensation in five equal installments starting from the year following that of the interconnection.

The credit applies to investments made starting from January 1st, 2020 and up to December 31st, 2020, that is by June 30th, 2021 on the condition that by 2020 the relative order is accepted by the seller and the payment of deposits has been made in an amount equal to at least 20% of acquisition cost.

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